CONCURSOS.Oficinas Centro Polivante Valle de Salazar_1

Valle Salazar Business Center. Gallues

Date: 2010

Location: Parc. B1+B2. Iciz's Warehouse. Gallues.Spain

Category: Business Center / Multiple Uses

Area:  967,55 m2

Client:  NASURSA S.A.

Studio: Adolfo Pérez López | Fco Javier Pérez Martín

Features: Warehouse and Offices

The new spatial relationship between rural and urban enables a new space for work, representativeness, residence and business and cultural opportunities in the region.

Encourage territorial dynamic is to create a new concept of reference space in the valley of Salazar, claiming that the building will become a multipurpose BUSINESS CENTER, creating spaces with multiple possibilities, so that the program is flexible to the needs trade, without limiting the uses so that the craft workshops or can be converted into spaces for activities other than storage, focusing the program on one floor with common services around a core of hits.

The circular allows the creation of a central core where the vertical communications, two elevators, stairs and hoist space for workshops, warehouses, focusing on access to the various uses of the program, allowing them to be flexible so that have been created two units of four elements, a unit comprised of workshops, warehouses and the other composed of four offices, common services and multipurpose room.

The idea of the great central hall open to the outside allows the flexible use of any of the rooms, allowing any activity in any space program.

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