CONCURSOS.Oficinas Concejalia de Hacienda Almeria_1

Expansion Department of Finance . Almeria

Date: 2009

Location: Treasury Council. Almeria.Spain

Category: Offices and Files store

Area:  1.588 m2

Client:  Almeria´s Council

Studio: Adolfo Pérez López | Fco Javier Pérez Martín

Features: Costumer Care Office

The current solar adjacent to the Department of Finance of Almeria and the adjoining buildings form a space within the Islamic frame known as Al Musalla, with an aim to solve architectural fact and retrieves a void within the fabric of the city with a course of action legacy of Islamic architecture.

The interior space is generated and organized around the FILE piece articulating the different parts of the whole program and in turn become the element that gives life and light to the activity of the building, as opposed to what a first look the program suggests the situation on the lower level file access, so that it becomes a closed blind piece, occupying its entire surface in the same plant as a blind box.

We seek like architecture (medieval) Islamic spaces are organized from the inside out, with a conception of wealth and its expression in both ways in the uptake of LIGHT and the play of reflections and chromatic generated.

The volume generated by the program is understood as a container concept of a living plant uptake of light by their enclosures, understanding the need to find an element that articulates the architecture we seek.

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