Centro de Interpretacion el Eucaliptal


Date: 2011

Location: Punta Umbria. Huelva

Category:  Cultural equipment 

Area: 556,20 m2.

Organizing company: City council of Punto Umbria

Studio: Adolfo Pérez López  | Fco Javier Pérez Martín

Features:  Interpretation center. Museum and exhibition spaces. 

The new Roman Museum of salting is not intended to alter the existing landscape of the soul, just the opposite but complement it, that tectonic architecture of the earth, it mimics the natural environment by increasing its current beauty highlighting the blue sky Punta Umbria, the river and the green of the pines make the new museum recover the space that existed there because of taking a place. RETRIEVE THE HISTORY, return to ruin its splendor and provide answers to our origins and early history.

Intention of the intervention is to protect the Roman site, so as to create a glass or pool to protect them, with the possibility of growth within it. The typology of the museum is to recover the types of Roman houses with a patio where you build the life around it, in our proposal the playground is where our site is located, is the heart of the house | museum with a simple movement around he, with an access platform from which the visitor sees and enters and remains in the first flag of the story to get out and see the remains again and access the multimedia space, glass area for viewing the landscape of pine forests, taking nature always present. The second time the flag of our Huelva origins of our culture to this day to end the movement in the museum shop.

It is intended that our architecture is tectonic landscape so I used the white concrete of our origins, the Roman caemntitium opus for the walls, the construction of recovering the remains existing there so that the museum will become a reality of what that existed there and let a WALK THROUGH HISTORY ".

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