Facultad de Psicología. UMA.


Date: 2008

Location: Campus Málaga

Category:  Equipment  

Area: 13.543,79 m2.

Organizing Company:Malaga's University. UMA

Studio: Adolfo Pérez López  | Rafael Assiego de Larriva

Features:  Teaching and research areas. Faculty of Psicology

Status:   Accesit

We meet a growing historical ground linked with Guadalhorce’s Valley and Campanilla’s river, in the foothills of the Penibetica’s mountain range in the past linked to families who moved the capital to these places for recreation and leisure given its proximity to the city.

We like the idea, thinking that was once available in horizontal, now becomes compressed in a vertical arrangement, transforming the plant into a horizontal-vertical elevation section; socializing the concept of a cross-cutting agriculture. In the project the resulting space is a faculty that works vertically communicating spaces for teaching and research and library landscape plan and plant cafeteria and faculty offices.

Design two buildings, one teacher, through a provision CLOISTER plant. Both are independent and can be made to work in very different times.

Shipments of teachers joining the two buildings on its top floor, connecting with 4 communication centers around the cloister, his duties or to investigate or class, are distributed by department units.

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